‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Trailer: Colton Breaks Down After Landing In Another Love Triangle With Tia

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We knew sparks would fly once previous lovers Colton and Tia reunited on ‘Bachelor in Paradise.’ But in the new trailer, he gets his heart ripped open as she falls for Chris R. as well!

Uh oh! Colton Underwood has found himself involved in yet another love triangle First he had to fess up to Becca Kufrin on The Bachelorette that he’d prevesiouly dated Arie Luyendyk‘s Bachelor cast off Tia Booth. Now the two are on the upcoming season of Bachelor in Paradise where fans expected them to pick up their love story. Only Colton has a competitor for Tia’s affections in another one of Becca’s rejects Chris Randone. In the new BiP trailer that dropped on July 30, Colton’s seen getting weepy, openly crying and moaning “All I wanted was another chance” as Tia and Chris are seen making out.

“Tia’s put the Colton situation behind her and I keep falling more in love with her every day,” Chris says in a confessional as the camera cuts away to Colton openly weeping yet again. It’s not the only love triangle of the season though, as both self-adoring male model Jordan Kimball and David Ravitz from Becca’s season are competing for Jenna‘s love. In typical d-bag fashion, Jordan even refers to himself in the third person as the three of them are laying on a lounger. “If there’s one thing Jordans don’t do, Jordan’s don’t sweat Davids,” he sneers. He later says in a confessional, “I’m pretty sure I’ve got a pair of testicles and the prettiest girl in paradise around my arm.” Well okay then.

Fitness coach Krystal Nelson from Arie’s season seems to have realized that Bachelor Nation could not stand her annoying, baby voice way of talking and seems to sound more like an adult now. “There’s so much love in paradise is like so f**king rad,” she excitedly says in a fairly normal way of speaking. Whoops, we spoke too soon as later in the trailer that darn voice is back as she’s seen cooing in bed saying, “Life with you is going to be really exciting” in her baby voice to one of her suitors.

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