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Health Tips for Women :-

It is a busy person that does not want to worry about it. I do not think it is a busy person, but i do not know what to look like, what you want to do, i want to give you a lot of time. It is very important that you also have a lot to say about your health.

These tips are very effective for women and girls, they can be taken care of by health at the right time. Well, you know it is important to have good health and good health for your health. Let’s know about those tips.


10 Health Tips For Women —

1. It is important to exercise for good health

For good health, we should exercise 2 or 3 times a week, but still we can not get enough time for our body. Many diseases can be overcome by exercise. And we can be absolutely healthy.

2. Stay away from stress

Women have many home and outdoor work and all women want to do all the work together. This causes stress to women. By taking stress, women have many health problems, such as the possibility of having a disease like blood sugar, heart disease, thyroid etc. increases. That is why women should not take too much stress and should try to avoid any kind of stress. This is one of the common doubts among women that is often seen.

3. It is also necessary to take good sleep

Sleep is very important for women. If women do not have a desire to wake up in the morning or feel tired, try to get enough sleep. Due to adequate sleep, mental illness and physical illness can be avoided.

4. Pay attention to your diet

Most women do not pay attention to their eating habits in the work hours, if you have to take care of the entire house then you have to take care of yourself first, so women will have to take full care of their health. Therefore, food should be provided on time and body benefits.

5. Keep track of genetic testing


Nowadays, some diseases in the people are also being inherited as genetics such as sugar, heart disease, cancer, etc. Therefore, if there is any problem with your genetic history then you should talk to the doctor immediately.

6. Think of fertility

Women have to adopt a lot of measures to keep themselves healthy, and they have to take care of all things as women do not have any problem getting pregnant till 30 to 35, but 32 to 34 years of age Fertility capacity decreases only from the female. So if you want a child, consult a doctor about it.

7. Have a healthy sex

Sexual intercourse reduces your stress, and doing this reduces the risk of long term illnesses. But this is possible only when you are happy to have sexual intercourse. If you have any kind of problems while having sex then immediately show your doctor.

8. Take massage

Body massage once a week. Go to a parlor or take help at home. This will cause physical muscles to relax and you will feel more healthy. It will also be beneficial for your skin.

9. Sunlight is also important

Vitamin D is also very important as calcium. Due to vitamin D, bones can absorb calcium. So take less than 10 minutes of sunlight every day. This will strengthen your bones.

10. Blood sugar test

From time to time, do a blood sugar test, according to which you can make changes to your diet.

11. Hemoglobin perfect

Be hemoglobin fully aware that your hemoglobin is correct. This can also be due to weaknesses, dizziness, inability to work in any other way. Add green leafy vegetable and dietary fiber to your diet.




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